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If You Did Not Know About the Magic of Betel Leaves, Now You Know!

Have you seen your grandparents sit with their silvery boxes in the afternoons after lunch? From those boxes, they take out betel leaves (known as ‘paan’ in Hindi) and chew them while talking to other elderly family members. Did you ever as a kid of ask your grandmother for those betel leaves out of curiosity to have a taste? The betel leaves tasted sweet, right? Besides having a sweet taste, betel leaves or paan have merits too, which you may not know. Betel leaves alone have many good effects on our body! Ayurveda highly commends the use of betel leaves in various ways for the benefit of our health.

Merits of Betel Leaves –

  • Betel leaves help in improving your digestion after you have food. In most Indian families, paan is savored after a heavy meal. Some people know its good sides while for some chewing paan has become a habit. Paan restores the release of saliva which in turn breaks down the food enzymes. Hence, paan makes it easy to digest the food. Don’t go out in this situation, you can order delicious meetha paan online and enjoy it along with your family.

If you don’t want to consume betel leaves, then applying oil of betel leaves will also work. Betel leaves carry Vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, carotene, and an exceptional root of calcium in their heart-shaped structure.


  • If you suffer from constipation, don’t rely on tablets forever. Chew betel leaves or soak them in water (normal temperature) overnight, and drink the water early in the morning on an empty stomach. Its water helps to lessen your constipation problems. Also doing exercise for a while in the morning, along with having the betel leaves water will add up to your health benefit.


  • Are you one of the people who suffer from cough and cold with every season change? Then betel leaves will come to your rescue. Anti-histamine in betel leaves helps cure cough and cold problems. The same is useful for preventing asthma as well.

  • Known as a natural mouth freshener, betel leaves also help to keep oral cancer, cavities, and oral infections away if you have them after meals. If you don’t like to chew paan daily, you can do it occasionally. So you can order fresh betel leaves online and cherish the taste of them.


  • Many people suffer from itchy rashes in summer, making it unbearable to keep away their hands from them. And this further spreads the rashes on your neck, chest, or back. Applying cooling powders may work as a temporary relief, but not permanently. Instead, you can make a paste of betel leaves along with hot turmeric paste and apply it to the rashes. Its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties work like magic on them. The same goes for cuts, bruises, or injuries. Betel leaves paste can be applied to them as well.


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And don’t forget the benefits of the paan for your health. Learn and let others know about the unknown magic that betel leaves have and enjoy its goodness.